About Us

Black Spruce’s mission is to create innovative, award winning beers for the people of Alaska’s interior and its visitors.

Excellence through Experimentation

Black Spruce Brewing Company was founded in 2018 in the exquisite Interior of Alaska. Our mission: to provide the fine folks which reside in Fairbanks and its visitors a rotating array of award-winning, locally crafted beverages. We believe to provide the best possible products for our lovely locals and enchanting visitors the goal post needs to constantly be moving. This is why we believe in a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and experimentation to find the next award-winning beverage.

Our team

Black Spruce Brewing Company doesn't have a large team, but we have a mighty one! Everyone at BSBC works hard to make sure your experience in our brewery is memorable.

Stephanie Haskins
Head of Sales & Hospitality

Steph has done a bit of everything on the sales, distribution and taproom sides of the beer industry. She heads up each of these for Black Spruce, as well as marketing, merchandise and whatever else needs doing.

Carey Fristoe
Head Brewer

Carey has over a decade of experience in the Brewing Industry, a Masters of Science in Brewing and Distilling and loves blending science and art to make the best damn beer around.

Jake Hovenden
Finance Officer

Affectionally referenced as "money boy" around the brewery Jake handles the brewery financial needs. You might see him around chasing down a receipt or two, or more likely, chasing down a kid or three.