April 27, 2023

Because We CAN

At Black Spruce, we now offer all of our beers in 16 ounce cans. What’s so great about cans? So many things!

If it seems like breweries everywhere are now selling their beers in cans rather than bottles, it’s because they are. According to the Brewers Association’s 2021 craft beer packaging trends recap, cans have been gaining market share over bottles over the last few years.

In terms of an ideal package for keeping beer fresh, cans are where it’s at. The seam of lids onto cans is superior to that of caps on bottles, so the risk of oxidation over time is substantially diminished. Cans are opaque, as well, so the risk of becoming skunky due to being light struck is non-existent. Cans are lightweight and shatterproof, too, making them terrific packages for those who like to enjoy beer in the outdoors.

Especially for brewers in Alaska, cans really are preferable to bottles. Besides the aforementioned reasons, cost is a significant factor. It’s much less expensive to ship a pallet of cans than a pallet of glass bottles. Recycling potential is a factor, too. Many places in Alaska, including Fairbanks, recycle aluminum but not glass. Since aluminum is infinitely recyclable, it ends up being the more sustainable choice.

Have we sold you on cans yet? We hope so! Swing by our taproom to see what canned beers we have available, and stock up on a few of your favorites! Don’t forget: when you buy a full case of cans (4-packs only), you can save 10%!

Fresh This Week

Cider fans, rejoice! We just canned and kegged up a fresh batch of Golden Heart Off-Dry Cider! Made from a blend of Washington-grown apples and always gluten-free, this cider leans toward the dry side and features a lively, zippy acidity.

Tune into next week’s newsletter for the full scoop on our cider. Follow Black Spruce Fruit Project on Facebook and Instagram for more cider news!

Bike Club Survey

Ready to hit the road? We are, too! We’re gearing up for this summer’s Black Spruce Bike Club, and we want to know what you want to see! If you haven’t yet taken our survey about this year’s program, please take a moment to do so. Whether you’re looking for group rides or want to choose your own adventure with our punch card program, let us know what you think! Thanks, and see you on the road and trails soon!

Black Spruce Bike Club Survey

Upcoming Events

Cosmic Clay AK will be at our taproom for a pop-up TODAY (Thursday, April 27) from 4PM to 7PM. Check out an incredible selection of super fun, hand-crafted earrings!

Our next First Friday show will take place next Friday, May 5. We’re delighted to welcome Sarah Clark back to our taproom. Sarah’s original embroidered designs, as well as DIY embroidery kits, will be on display and available for sale all month long!

Christine Fik (Affluent Forager) will be at our taproom on Thursday, May 11 for a pop-up from 4PM to 7PM. Christine’s gorgeous earrings and pendants feature hand-painted designs on cut antler slices. Grab a unique Mother’s Day gift and a fresh brew, all in one stop!

Brewery Brunch is held at our taproom every Saturday from noon until 3PM. Special brunch beer cocktails, like our spicy red beer, will be offered, as well as fresh pastries from local bakeries like Marlo’s and Little Owl Cafe.

Our next round of Anchorage and Mat-Su deliveries are scheduled for May 12-13. We’ll be restocking your favorite bars, restaurants and retailers with BSBC staples and new releases.

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