April 6, 2023

Pints, Pints, Baby!

You read that right: next time you visit our taproom, you can get your favorite BSBC beer in a pint! And that’s not all…

Alright, alright, alright, folks, let’s start the summer season with a proper pint! Even better? We’ve got dope new mugs for our lagers. Is there a better vessel for enjoying an old world-style beer in the glow of the midnight sun? We think not.

The majority of our draft menu, including Aroma Dome IPA and Short Days Golden Ale, will be available as sixteen ounce pours. Along with pints, most of our draft offerings, including ciders, will also be available as twelve ounce, eight ounce and four ounce pours. Our high ABV beers will be offered as maximum ten ounce or twelve ounce pours, along with smaller sizes.

As if pints weren’t exciting enough, we’ve also added a special side-pull faucet to our line-up, which will feature a rotating selection of lagers. Just what is a side-pull? Read this week’s Message from the Brewer for all of the deets, and visit our taproom to experience it for yourself!

Loving the look of that new glassware? Add a couple to your home collection! Check out our glassware offerings in our taproom or at the link below. Cheers!

Shop Our New Glassware

A Message from the Brewer

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been brewing a lot of lagers lately. With the addition of our beautiful new Tubinger tankards, we want to make sure that we we’re pouring a most proper lager pint.

Enter the Lukr Side Pull Faucet. This Czech invention was designed to give the pourer terrific control over how the poured beer expresses. Three factors make this faucet especially unique:

  1. It’s extra long, mostly due to an adapter to convert from European to US-style.
  2. Its curved nozzle, which dips down into the foam of the pint.
  3. A fine screen resides in the nozzle, which helps to create super dense foam.

Now, the magic of this special faucet, the pours:

The first pour is the Hladinka. This is the standard pour, half beer and half foam. Our standard side-pull pint is a modified Hladinka, so you’ll get a full pint of beer with a bit of foam on top. This will be the crispest of the side pull pours, because it will keep the most amount of carbonation in solution under a dense, protective layer of foam.

The other pour that we are offering is called a Mlíko or milk pour. This starts with foam and ends with foam. What you are left with is a mug full of wet, dense foam that tastes more like beer than the typical foam you get on a beer poured in the US. This is meant as a final, almost dessert-like pour that really accentuates the hop aromatics in the lager.

Next time you see me, I'll have a mug of lager out of our side pull faucet in-hand (or a delicious pint of Aroma Dome IPA).



Brew of the Week

Because the people can’t get enough, Aroma Dome IPA is back on the brew schedule this week. Our most popular and most brewed beer is super suckable, thanks to generous additions of Citra and El Dorado hops. Moderate bitterness balances out this crazy juicy ale.

Want the full skinny on our flagship IPA? Listen to head brewer Carey Fristoe discuss all things Aroma Dome IPA on this episode of the Craft Beer & Brewing podcast.

Next Beer Drop

The Inevitable Heat Death of the Universe Tart Hazy IPA is the design and desire of our very own Jack Bennett. This hella heady ale was fermented with blood orange purée and dry-hopped with Australian Eclipse and US Citra hops. Prepare your palate for tantalizing tartness, undeniable juiciness and an assault of tropical hop flavors and aromas.

Keep an eye on our social media for additional details on the release of this beer. “Jack’s Choice” will soon be available on tap and in 4-packs to-go from our taproom!

Upcoming Events

Our next First Friday will be on Friday, April 8. We’ll be featuring artwork from local artist Kassandra Mirosh of Weyekin Studio all month long!

We’ll be at at Ski Land’s Tamarack Grill for a tap takeover on Saturday, April 15. Enjoy live music, new beer releases and a gorgeous view!

Wares by Maegan will be at our taproom for a pop-up on Thursday, April 20 from 4PM to 7PM. Come peruse Maegan’s handmade macrame plant hangers, wall hangings and other woven pieces while enjoying a super fresh BSBC brew!

The UAF Pub will host its 16th Annual Taste of Alaska Beer Festival on Saturday, April 22 at 6PM. Tickets are on sale now at the UAF Pub.

Brewery Brunch is held at our taproom every Saturday from noon until 3PM. Special brunch beer cocktails, like our spicy red beer, will be offered, as well as fresh pastries from local bakeries like Marlo’s and Little Owl Cafe.

Our next round of Anchorage and Mat-Su deliveries are scheduled for April 13-14. We’ll be restocking your favorite bars, restaurants and retailers with BSBC staples and new releases.

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