June 9, 2023

Punch It!

Summer proper is finally here! Pedal on over to our taproom to start working on your Black Spruce Bike Club punch card!

Get rewarded for riding your bike to our taproom! Our 2023 Black Spruce Bike Club punch card program is a go! Score a punch card at our taproom, and earn a punch on your card each time you ride your bike to our taproom. It doesn’t matter what kind of bicycle you ride or how far you rode, just so long as you show up on a bike! Ooh, and Saturdays are double-punch days! Fill up your punch card, and trade it in for $10 off of merchandise! As if great craft beer and a dope patio weren’t reason enough to visit our taproom, right?!

Our punch card program is open to all ages, and no purchase is necessary. All participants must sign a bike club liability waiver before participating. $10 completion discount is redeemable toward merchandise purchases only and cannot be used for any alcohol purchases.

Happy pedaling, and cheers, folks!

A Message from the Brewer

Hello, everyone,

Today, I'm going to touch on tart or sour beers. Sour beers come in a variety of flavors, from the non-flavored Berliner weiss to the saline gose, to the funky and fruity kriek, to the decadent pastry sour. These beers all have one thing in common: acidity. Acidity gives the beer a mild pucker and a refreshing zing.

The key player in adding acid to beer is a bacteria called Lactobacillus (though this has lately been split into a couple different genus). Lactobacillus is a bacteria that produces lactic acid as a fermentation byproduct. There are a few different methods for adding acidity to beer. the most common of which is quick souring. This method starts with wort (our sugar-rich barley water) before it has any hops added to it. The wort is pasteurized and then cooled down to about 100°F and inoculated with lactobacillus. After sitting for 24-48 hours, the wort should be acidified and ready to be briefly boiled and moved on to the next steps of beer making. There are a number of variations to this method that all have advantages and  disadvantages. The various lactic acid bacteria are all capable of producing larger or smaller amounts of lactic acid, as well as a wide range of secondary metabolites.

If you’re curious about or already a fan of sour beers, give our WOW! Real Fruit smoothie-style sour a try. It is loaded with 2 pounds of fruit per gallon of beer and sure to delight!



Coming Soon

Registration will soon open for the 2023 Nenana-Rama 25 & 50 Mile Bike Race! This year’s race will begin and end at Ester Park and will take racers south along the scenic Parks Highway. Registration will open later this month. Stay tuned for details about race swag, bib pick-up and more!

MlÍko Monday

MlÍko Monday, or MlÍko everyday! If you haven’t yet tried a MlÍko or “milk” pour, give it a whirl next time you’re by! This specialty pour is offered off of our Lukr side-pull faucet, currently pouring Noyes Ice Export Lager. Poured slowly, this dense, wet foam makes for a tremendously smooth and joyous drinking experience. Don’t believe us? Try one and find out for yourself!

Upcoming Events

Nom nom nom! The sun is shining, the beer is flowing and the time is right for some good eats on our patio!

Returning artist Lyndsi Harris (Evolutionary Thread) will be at our taproom for a pop-up on Thursday, June 15. Lyndsi will have prints, original pieces and hand-stitched jewelry available!

Dirty Blonde Pottery will be here for a pop-up on Thursday, June 22 from 4PM to 7PM. Score locally thrown pots and mugs, as well as handcrafted earrings and more!

Brewery Brunch is held at our taproom every Saturday from noon until 3PM. Special brunch beer cocktails, like our spicy red beer, will be offered. We’ll also have fresh pastries from local bakeries like Marlo’s and Little Owl Cafe.

Our next round of Anchorage and Mat-Su deliveries is scheduled for Thursday, July 6. We’ll be restocking your favorite bars, restaurants and retailers with BSBC staples and new releases.

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